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This world is so beautiful, how


can you not write poetry!

















Every morning and evening the fields, pastures and skies have gifts to offer--beautiful messages


written in the language of love! Living on the Great Plains is marvelous!




Love for the Great Plains filled my heart as a child in Nebraska, and those years translated into writing about the joys and sorrows of life in the seasons' language. Nowadays, I find myself seeing everything as a poem.


Violet Sunset


As if all were right in the world,
evening pours out her bowl of purple lights
onto these prairies and fields
washing away your weariness and worries.
She knows tonight, you need beauty to be in awe of
as you pull back earlier thoughts in your day to fixate on,
so she dazzles you with glittering stars
on this violet evening,
filling you with hope and wonder
as her hand scatters these fiery jewels
and these magenta lights
across the night sky.

The Writing Place

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